ZE (H) S series of horizontal and high- power rectifier

    Product performance:Its noninverting and inverse parallel principle not only possesses the strengths of previous noninverting and inverse parallel rectifier cabinet, but also has some new technical features:

        •Noninverting and inverse parallel arms has enhanced electrical insulation distance, strengthened electrical insulation measures and minimized the possibility of breakdown of the noninverting and inverse parallel arms to result in short circuit.

        •Element row utilizes the way of symmetrical pressure to decrease the possibility of corroded components and improve the coefficient of average current.

        •Adopting open structure, with the advantages of good heat dissipation and less losses.

        •Simple waterway, many water connectores and uniform flow of each branch, trying to avoid electrical corrosion problems at high voltages.

        •Utilizing insulating materiais to fix and reducing the influence of magnetic field on vibration, low noise. 

        •The current flows laterally along the busbar to reduce line losses.

        •Open structure and convenient maintenance.


    Structural features: good heat dissipation, low noise, convenient maintenance, high-voltage, high safety performance, large coefficient of average current of elements , low losses, simple waterway, low electrical corrosion, low noise and convenient maintenance.


    Application: High-power and electrolytic DC power (aluminum, magnesium electrolysis, other metallic electrolyses and similar loads).